Spring Greening is Calling us ALL to Grow!

The "Greening" has begun! Look around and notice the yellow-greens of the leaves peaking through... the graceful willow branches let their yellow-greens dip to tickle the earth... the stands of poplar and birch look like splashes of yellow painting the distance ... even the yellowish-brown of the oak buds are decorating those bent and arching branches of the majestic king... bunches of red bug-like discarded buds catch my attention from amid the decomposing brown leaves of last Fall's shedding... in some places we can even see blossoms of softest white on fruit trees or sunny yellow daffodil messengers of springtime bursting from the now-soft ground... but what really gets to me, as a true Minnesotan, is the bright spring-green of grasses growing all over - in MARCH!

How does it FEEL? Don't get me wrong... I am loving the way the warm air caresses my cheek like the breath of God, and the opportunity for early hiking, and windows open to the fresh air that infuses the spirit with such energy, and the joy of wearing shorts already! It's just a surprise, that's all. And I LOVE surprises! No doubt Nature still has a few surprises yet to spring on us this season, but let's enjoy! And coincidentally enough, I stumbled upon a great life-correlation! I think all this early greening is reminding us how effective it can truly be for us to approach life from a"growth mindset" instead of merely a "fixed mindset." In an article in the March issue of Lifetime Fitness' Experience magazine, this growth mindset is described as a frame of mind that revels in learning rather than the successful outcome down the road; in the journey as much as the destination; in making the absolute best of the present moment, rather than worrying always about the future. I believe that this Growth Mindset can be incredibly freeing!

How might your outlook on life be different if you were able to: - acknowledge each small right thing you do, rather than worry about ultimately succeeding, or failing? ... - Rejoice in whatever you are doing or making happen in the present moment, and accept its inherent great, rather than delaying any sense of accomplishment until the final outcome? .... - Face any low times with embracing learning, or challenge, or growth and re-focusing your energy there, rather than remaining stalled out in an emotional hole? ... Celebrate each moment, each happening, each accomplishment, each dream, embracing all the incredible potential within you and all the growth that is going on all the time, taking you somewhere fascinating and wonder-filled. HAPPY GREENING and GROWING!

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