Re-Creating Your Vibrant Spirit

Vision: the dream and the values that guide you toward your best, and truest self

  • Seeing yourself and Life with new eyes, from different perspectives

  • Your inner Intuitive Vision which sees your heart so much more clearly


AdVenturing: Creating new ways of approaching and embracing life, to help you move your inner vision into reality to claim your power

  • Discovering:

    • your inner strengths and talents

  • Exploring:

    • possibilities, strategies and new tools to access all this power within you

  • Mentoring: I am dedicated to work with you to live into your dreams and create your vibrant life, from your spirit outwards

    • Walking as a partner with you to help you work out for yourself what you really want in life, at the moment, or in the face of challenging times

    • Working with you to access what’s inside of you already and follow the possibilities, in creative ways, to see where your core values will lead you

    • Re-connecting you with the divine inside of you, that will allow your spirit to radiate its power to the world

  • Living: Life can be passively allowed // or // passionately lived with Intention!

    • Do you want to follow someone else’s vision and fit into some external mold?

      • or do you want to embrace the adventure of following your own, chosen vision and values.


To begin, we can ask ourselves:

  • What do I want for my life?

  • How can I make my life more meaningful, more fulfilling and more enjoyable ?

  • What would my life be like if I chose and committed myself to a powerful vision of my own?

  • How could I be more Intentional about aligning my life with my own chosen Vision and Values?  

  • What life intention will propel me toward abundance, joy and life-giving choices

I'd Love to chat with you more about YOUR life intentions!