Meet MaryPat Potts




  • ICC Certified Life Coach

    • through Learning Journeys International Center of Coaching

  • Wellness Coach

  • M.A. in Pastoral Ministry


Free Spirited Adventurer & World Traveler:
National and International Discovery Guide and community outreach leader for volunteer vacations with Global Citizens Network - to locations such as Guatemala, Mexico, Quiliute Tribe Reservation in LaPush, WA, Navajo Nation in Arizona, and more.

Leader of Mission trips to Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru.

VisionVenturing Spiritual Adventure Leader to Montana, the Black Hills, Northern California and upcoming trip to Mt. Ranier, WA.

Other International Trips to Spain, Italy, Finland and Russia. And other national destinations such as Hawaii and parks such as Yellow Stone, Canyon Lands and Arches National Parks.

Deeply Connected to Nature:

Spiritually Intuitive ~ where my own spirit is fed and renewed; an avid hiker, horse-back rider, kayaker, lover of the water, camper, star-gazer...  

Devoted Wife & Mother:

Perceptive, Empathetic Listener ~ married to my soul-mate and best friend and fellow adventurer for over 30 years, with two fabulously wise, independent and successful grown daughters, whose wisdom humbles me;  as youth minister, coach, mother and wife have constantly honed my perceptive abilities, with listening being the most important of all and the focus of my Life Coaching.

Retreat Guide, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator :

Renoun for my "Gratitude" Retreat and "The Autumn Face of God," as well as numerous retreats for adolescents and adults alike.

Creative Spirit,  Skilled “Possibility” Crafter;  Perpetual Treasure Hunter;  Connector of Dots:

Singer, Song-writer, painter, writer of fictional stories and inspiring Photo Reflections on Life, Marriage, and more, with a multitude of creative ideas for accessing a person's own strengths, creativity, and power; I see each day as filled with potential treasures and endless life-giving opportunities, which enhanced awareness brings to life; abundant  ideas, tools and tricks for connecting the dots of life's experience and tuning into the wisdom of life, nature, and the world around us.